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Tango Lausanne 2020.06


+41 78 697 27 37



Espace Riponne, Lausanne
Rue du Valentin 4a, 1005 Lausanne
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1 juillet 2020


19:15 - 21:15


Cours / Séminaire

Tango interm/avancés avec Shawn

Ocho-Cortados – final week – 30.06 (Tuesday) & 01.07 (Wednesday)

Final week on ocho-cortado 3 levels (basic, intermediate, advanced).

OC-1: Basic Ocho-Cortados: the simplist most common version, with typical rhythm – Tuesday.

OC-2: Intermediate Ocho-Cortados: the single-axis variation – better for tighter spaces in the milonga -, with decorations for her & over different rhythm orchestra-choices. Exercises to develop the reboté lead&follow timing&feeling – Tuesday-or-Wednesday

OC-3: Advanced Ocho-Cortados: the shared-axis approach – reinforcing each-other’s circular movement also-known-as “Giro-Cortado” according to my own teachers. Rhythmic variation freedom,.. and optional gancho extra. We also quickly review a few odd experimental (freedom is everything!) variations I’ve collected. – Wednesday.

Ocho-cortados, lead & follow, connection, rhythm,
Depending on level, we look at axis, energy, connection, shaping the free leg…. From the simpler “copy-the-step-&-synchronise-the-couple” to the harder “everything-is-lead-including-her-free-foot”.SEE YOU TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY !
rue Valentin 4a – Place de la Riponne, Lausanne. heureux, à TangoLausanne.

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